You are worth the investment. Welcome to my coaching page! Look at you, ready to take hold of your life. I am ready to help support you on your journey. This is a big step and can oftentimes feel very scary. I am very proud of you for your consideration in working with a coach. Life is hard, I get it. I would not be where I am today if it were not for support and a lot of hard emotional work. I am here to help you navigate life in a transformative way. With over four years of experience in mental health counseling, I am excited and eager to begin providing services world-wide. YAY, HEALING!


Hello there! My name is Jocelyn and I am a therapist from Chicago. I have a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with over four years of experience working in the field. I have a full-time clinical counseling job, however, I am not taking any referrals at this time for therapeutic services. Which brings me to the next best option for YOU, which is coaching! Now available to everyone!

I have created a beautiful community online through TikTok where there are currently over 80 thousand of you following me (ahh!). I share mental health related content on social media with hopes to reach people who need it the most. This online community I have built was done to reach a broader and bigger audience because guys, my passion is helping people! I have experienced many of my own mental health related challenges that have led me right to the work I am doing today. My lived experiences help me, help you!I am so grateful for the community we have built. Here is my way of giving back.

I receive messages daily from people who are looking to improve their lives, but do not know where to start. Well, here is the beginning! I am ready to work with you, if you are interested and will let me. My goal is to offer you a space to discuss goals, aspirations, dreams, wishes, and really, anything else you’d like. Why? Because I care. Like, genuinely care. 

Will you let me be a part of your journey? Your voice matters and I want to hear it.

xo, Jocelyn


Single Sessions and Package Bundles

30-minute Session

$ 50
30-minute individual session
  • (1) one-on-one 30-minute session
  • Identify coaching goals and outcomes
  • Develop a general plan to live a meaningful life
  • Exclusive access to private FB group

50-minute Session

$ 75
50-minute individual session
  • (1) one-on-one 50-minute session
  • Identify coaching goals and outcomes
  • Develop a general plan to live a meaningful life
  • Exclusive access to private FB group

(3) 50-minute Sessions

$ 200
(3) 50-minute individual sessions
  • (3) one-on-one 50-minute session
  • Schedule all three sessions in advance
  • Develop a general plan to live a meaningful life
  • Exclusive access to private FB group


When will I need to pay for my session(s)?

For any coaching services, payment is required in full prior to your first scheduled appointment. 

How old do I have to be to get coached by you?

I work with individuals 12 years of age and older. Should you be under the age of 18, I require an authorization and signature from your parents and/or legal guardian.

What if I am not available during your available hours?

If there are no times available to book that fit your schedule, accommodations can be made upon request. For questions, inquiries, or more details related to this option,  please email holdinghopehour@gmail.com.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Anyone can benefit from coaching! Life coaching is not a necessity, it is a luxury. This is an investment into you and your overall well-being.

What if I am not satisfied with my coaching experience?

If you are not satisfied with our work together, it is your responsibility to make me aware of your concerns. I will do my best to restructure my coaching style to best accommodate your needs. If you are still not satisfied upon revision, arrangements can be made to refund your money and appropriate referral will be provided upon request.

Can I book more than one session?

You are welcome to book as many sessions that you would like to! Successful coaching outcomes of course come along with consistency. If you are able to book weekly, or even monthly sessions, you will be able to make the most out of your coaching experience. If one time sessions work for you, no need to book more!