5 Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery

Hello my friends! I hope that you are staying safe and healthy during these unusual times. I have found that this year has required me to do far more self-care than I have ever done before. I know I have written about this once, and I am sure you already know how important self care is, so today I simply want to share with you one of my favorite self care practices… journaling!

There are so many benefits to keeping a journal and actually writing out our thoughts. This practice particularly helps me in organizing my thoughts and self-reflect and/or plan. It is also stress relieving once you get out all of the things going on in your head and onto paper. Our lives are filled with little gems of knowledge and insight that I have found can come out through the practice of journal writing. Something I often encourage my own clients to do as a mindfulness practice.

I struggle with free writing, and personally enjoy journal prompts. So, I figured that in order for me to help you begin journaling if that is something you wish to do, I could provide you with five journal prompts to start your practice today! Find the prompts below and let me know what you discover about yourself along the way. If journaling is not your thing, I would encourage you to consider the following questions in your own reflective practice. Perhaps on a nature walk, some quiet time, on a car drive, etc..

  1. How can you feel more fulfilled in your life?
  2. What makes you feel alive? When was the last time you felt that way?
  3. How have your darkest moments shaped who you are today?
  4. Write the words you need to hear right now.
  5. Am I waiting for something in life? If so, what is it and why?

Pick up that pen and paper and write away, my friends! How do you think journaling can benefit you?

Stay safe,

xo Jocelyn


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